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Welcome to the GameCore Project.

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Kickoff officially planned for 11/11/11! Follow us on Twitter @GameCoreTweets for developer news!

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GameCore is a set of tools to create ecosystems for game development.  GameCore is a collection of conceptual blocks that a game developer can use to build games and gaming communities.

Project Goals

  • Create an Ecosystem Framework
    • Create a web template for game marketing and community (template)
    • Create a mobile environment to extend the game community
    • Create game identity services (profiles, metadata utilities) (component)
    • Create game social engine (component)
    • Create achievement services (solo, cooperative, competitive, rankings, etc.) (component)
    • Create game context services (auditing, player, game world) – e.g. API for community integration, e.g. 3rd party applications
    • Create payment provider integration tools (component)
    • For the .NET version, create NuGet packages
  • Create Game Development Tools
    • Create a standard game data model
    • Create a markup language for game elements, plot and story creation (GCML)  (for RPG type Turn-based games)
    • Create a designer for the markup language
    • Create a Real-time Game Framework
    • Create a Turn-based Game Framework
    • Create reference games for various platforms (Desktop / Mobile / etc.)




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